Client satisfaction is our daily challange

Our services are applicable from Pre-FEED until last Operation project phases Eureka’s consultants are experienced engineers able to satisfy specific requirements of main international codes: ASME, API, ASTM, ISO, NEMA, BC, DIN, DNV, PED, EN, WRC and Energy Guideline for avoidance of vibration fatigue failure.

Our team is distinguished to have a decades-long extensive international experience in industrial, fertilizer, petrochemical, oil&gas, …… installations.

Piping Stress Analysis and Supports services

  • Piping stress analysis with most popular software (Caesar II, Rorh2, Autopipe, ….)
  • Piping Stress Project Lead activity
  • Piping stress and support supervisor activity
  • Detailed piping vibration analysis as per last worldwide recognized Energy Guideline for avoidance of vibration fatigue failure
  • To perform a preliminary visual piping stress analysis
  • To write a piping stress and support specifications
  • To design and verify pipe supports (standard, not standard, foundation, plate on vessel….)
  • To define the criticality of each lines (Critical line list and P&ID Mark-Up)
  • To fill piping stress report (piping stress isometrics, Caesar input and output, support loads, equipment nozzle loads verification…)
  • To fill piping spring, expansion joint, tie rod and shock absorber specifications
  • To define piping loads and interface on structures, foundations platforms, risers end fittings, swivels, submarine hoses, pipelines
  • Piping stress training activity
  • Piping Stress/Support Project Lead activity
  • To support pipeline
  • To edit piping support catalogue
  • To design special support
  • To edit Pipe support MTO
  • To add support inside piping 3D model
  • To verify support design subjected to high loads
  • Availability of detachment to the client office or site
  • To follow Piping stress/support activity on site

Piping Engineering and Design services

In the last years, EUREKA Consulting Engineers has expanded its activity to complete piping engineering and design supplying very high services thanks to professionality and seniority experience of its team.

  • Average piping engineering experience team of more than 20 years
  • Capability to face client targets keeping the best quality within time schedule delivery
  • Highest capacity of problem solving and solution proposal
  • Proved skilled in most 3D Piping Model software like: PDS, PDMS, CADworx, Smart Plant 3D, AutoPLant Piping, E3D, etc.
  • Availability of detachment to the client office or site
  • To follow Piping activity on site
  • To design piping layout from preliminary basic until last activity on site
  • Piping Engineer Lead activity
  • Piping engineer supervisor
  • Piping Training
  • Edit Piping bulk material and MTO

Drafting Services

To face continuous Client request regarding P&ID Drafting, red‐marked report, support drawing, Eureka C.E. has introduced in its organigram a dedicated section for drafting services with main activities:

  • P&ID drafting
  • Standard and Special Support 3D model and drawing
  • Document Control
  • As‐built red mark‐up report
  • Basic design
  • Plot plan
  • etc

Special Issue services

Keeping its engineering core set, Eureka Consulting Engineers has the capability to perform:

  • Finite Element Analysis for mechanical part and support/structure suitability
  • Analysis of piping response to dynamic phenomena as slug, surge, earthquake
  • Vibration study and possible mitigation to avoid failure


With inter and intra disciplinary coordination experience, manpower planning and handling oriented to client satisfaction we provide also:

  • Piping, stress and supports training activity (training on job)
  • Third part piping, stress and supports check activity
  • Team growth and management
  • Men hours project estimation

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